Inspiration for a set of coasters by Christopher Lisle
Consuelo Lisle | River Slate Co.
Christopher Lisle | River Slate Co.
Picking up slate | River Slate Co.

The idea for River Slate Company began with a love of birds and a set of pen and ink drawings of birds at our feeder. “I thought they would look beautiful on Vermont slate. I first started by sandblasting the delicate images on slate but wasn’t satisfied with the result. I then tried stenciling, but again, wasn’t satisfied. It wasn’t until I tried a laser engraver that I was able to achieve the crisp, clear details of the designs on slate.”

Today River Slate Company etches custom designs for corporate logos, wedding gifts as well as for our coasters, cheese plates and trivets in Waterbury Center, Vermont.

The slate used for our products comes from a region in southwestern Vermont known as Slate Valley. It is located southwest of Rutland between Poultney, VT and Granville, NY. While slate is quarried in other states such as Maine, Pennsylvania and Virginia, green slate is only found in this region. Slate from this region is considered the hardest in the world.  Slate is a metamorphic rock. It is formed when shale, which consists of clay materials, is put under pressure with high temperature. Streaks and black marks within the stone make each piece unique. 

We do use black slate in some of our products. While there is some black slate in Pennsylvania, it is a limited supply. The black slate we use is imported from Spain and Portugal. We cut, etch and finish our black slate products here in Vermont. 

Connie Perignat-Lisle, owner. 

The art work was done by Christopher Lisle, a Vermont artist. He is a graphic designer and photographer with a B.A. in Studio Art from The University of Vermont.

Custom Design?

Your favorite wines? Family names, local hiking trails, favorite sports teams; the possibilities are endless. Send us an email and we can help you envision your custom coaster, trivet, or cheese plate. info@riverslateco.com